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Listen to her "Partita No. 2" by J.S. Bach, at the opening of her Cd, and you know right away whom you're dealing with: this is why Francesca de Pasquale is Itzhak Perlman's protégé. Her technique is quite remarkable, very elegant; and she captures your soul immediately. A superb "virtuosa", Francesca penetrates very deeply in the music she reads for you. Belonging to a family of violinists and cellists, Francesca's sound is sincere and quite absorbing at the same time. A great pleasure is also listening her playing the other pages of this beautiful album (from Messiaen to Schumann, from Bartók to Korngold), but a special note deserves the "Oceanic Fantasy" by Paola Prestini, very surprising and moving with those Italian folk songs recorded on the field you can ear in the back ground.

Translation provided by Franco Borrelli.

America Oggi